Finding a job can be hard and time consuming anywhere in the world. This also applies in Canada, even though there are a lot of opportunities. To easily get a job in Canada you must be prepared. Be mindful that given the chance to enter and stay in Canada does not guarantee you a job. And some available jobs may not be suited for you based on your professional attainment and preference.

This is how you can prepare yourself to find a job in Canada:

  • Research online occupations open for recruitment and job opportunities.
  • Read and understand the job description to assess your own qualifications for the job.
  • Know the necessary licenses and certifications needed for the job.
  • Have some knowledge about the salary and skill requirements for the job. If you think you meet the necessary skill level, then you may decide to apply for the position.
  • Take language training if you are not confident you will pass the language test.

The secret to getting hired is putting your best foot forward. Do not apply for jobs that you are not qualified for. Finding a permanent job in Canada and submitting a resume in the Canadian job market can be a lot different than finding a position in your home land. It is common for new immigrants to face difficulties in finding the right job. Many times, some credentials are not recognized. And even if you know and are familiar with the English or French language, it may not be sufficient. Some jobs will require Canadian working experience.

In Canada, students are given work permits to help them earn while completing their courses. They can work on and off campus to earn extra income for an allowable period of time.

Temporary work permits are also being issued for temporary jobs to help solve employers’ skill shortages.

For starters, we have a quick list of basic rules for Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program.  Click the links for the latest  Rules Governing the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

If you dream of working in Canada, be prepared and earn the necessary skills and experiences you need to qualify for jobs in Canada.

If you are interested in working as a foreign worker in Canada, it is important to note the recent changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.  The Latest Canadian Immigration News Courtesy of ICCRC

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