How to Become a Permanent Resident (PR) in CANADA

Canada has one of the highest yearly rates of immigration in the world. All immigrants in Canada today have once completed the application process before they got the chance to enjoy all the opportunities Canada can offer. As permanent residents, they share almost all the rights of a Canadian citizen except for the voting right and unlimited stays when traveling outside of Canada. Applying for this can take time and be complex.

6 Categories to become a permanent resident (PR) in Canada:

Skilled Worker Class Immigration. In this application class, permanent resident applicants are evaluated based on educational attainment, language ability, age, arranged employment, adaptability and of course, work experience. Business Class Immigration. For an investor to qualify, he/she needs to have a legally obtained net worth of $800,000 CAD and must invest $400,000 CAD into Canada’s economy. For an entrepreneur to apply, he/she needs to have experience in managing a business and a net worth of $300,000 CAD and must be willing to operate and create one full-time job for someone else. A self-employed person qualifies with the necessary experience, intention and ability to start a business that will create employment opportunities for individuals and create significant contributions in sports and cultural activities for the country. Ability and intent to manage and put up a farm is also included in this class. Provincial Nomination Program. The province will nominate or choose individuals whom they want to migrate and settle in their province. Once nominated, the individual will need to apply for permanent residency with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Family Class Immigration. This class is for those who have an immediate family member holding permanent residency in Canada who may opt to use the sponsorship system for easy processing of application for permanent residency. Quebec-Selected Immigration. For this province a separate evaluation system is being applied. International Adoption. The country allows permanent residents to adopt foreign child from other countries thus making the child a permanent resident in Canada. In acquiring your permanent visa, you need to provide a medical and criminal record check. You must fill out the application form completely, pay the required fees and lastly, attend an interview with an immigration representative. Live a new life in Canada and enjoy all the country has to offer. Be a permanent resident and welcome all the opportunities waiting for you.

COMING TO CANADA After the grant of your permanent resident visa in Canada, get yourself ready for a new life. Get to know Canadian culture and be ready to be a part of it. While relocating you will be dealing with and preparing a lot of details. In coming to Canada take the following into great consideration:

Housing. After the long wait for the approval of your application, you can now focus on coming to Canada. As you arrive in Canada you will probably live in a temporary home for a couple of weeks until you find a permanent place to settle down in. You will be looking for a house where you can reside and feel comfortable. Houses in Canada vary in price depending on where you live and the type of house you will choose. In finding a house, start with deciding how much you can afford to pay. Include in your considerations the areas where you want to live. Now start searching for the type of house you want that fits your allotted budget. Finally, complete the legal documents needed when you rent or buy a house.

Money. Before leaving your homeland, remember to bring Canadian money with you. It will be hard for you to relocate without a ready Canadian dollar to spend.

Education. Check on the educational institution in the area, if you are residing together with your family, you need to check on the best institution to send you kids.

Transportation. When you move to Canada, you will not be bringing your car with you. Initially, you will likely use public transportation, especially if you don’t have a relative who has been living in the country a while. Get familiar with how you can get from one place to another using public transportation until you can afford your own vehicle.

Health Care. Canada has a health care system with advanced technology and this is an added advantage to you. As a permanent resident, you can enjoy these benefits.

Learn English and French. As you move in, you need to fit in and adjust yourself to the community. To be able to communicate with the people around you, you need to be proficient in the languages they are using. In fact, this is a requirement in your application for permanent residency. These are only basic things you need to keep in mind as you relocate to Canada. The rest will surely follow as you settle into the country. All you need to do is be ready for the necessary adjustments in your new life. Once you have everything in order, you will surely enjoy your life in Canada.

MAKING A LIVING IN CANADA Once your application for permanent residency in Canada has been approved, the next thing you need to think about is how to make a living in Canada. You need to find a home where you can settle. Housing in Canada varies in price and you need to have enough money to finance your needs. Your allowance may not be enough to sustain your life in Canada. You need to find a way to make a living so you can achieve a high standard of living in Canada. When finding a job in Canada, keep in mind Canada is open to migrants with skills and qualifications however getting the job you want can be very challenging. The tips below might help you make a living in Canada:

  • Before you decide to relocate in Canada, visit Canadian websites for possible job opportunities related to your expertise.
  • Apply for a permanent resident visa in Canada. An employer will be more willing to hire you if you have the application in progress or you are already a permanent resident. This is an indication that you intend to stay long in the country and in the job itself.
  • If you know your target date to come to Canada, start applying for a job 1-12 weeks before your actual relocation to Canada.
  • Send your resume or CVs to a potential employer following the Canadian writing style and attach a short and clear cover letter.
  • Once you are in Canada, reply and attend to interview invitations.
  • Always remember to leave a positive impression.
  • Be very flexible; remember that you are not in your homeland.
  • Do not expect a job at the same level you had in your country of origin. Remember that you are new to the country and even if you are qualified, you need to acquire Canadian local knowledge and experience before you take a step forward.
  • Never negotiate too high. Remember to consider and understand the employment terms in the country.

Now that you have the key points to help you make a living in Canada, get ready to find a job. Once you get hired, prove your worth so you will have a remarkable record with your employer. Finding a job may not be easy but you need to be patient.

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